Neurofeedback FAQ

How long does a neurofeedback session take?
Each neurofeedback session is about 33 minutes in duration. It takes a few minutes to hook up and to remove the sensors at the start and end of each session, so we advise our clients to allow 45 minutes for the entire neurofeedback training process.

How many neurofeedback sessions will I need before I start to feel a difference?
Neurofeedback training results are unique to each individual and some people feel shifts after the first session, while others notice changes after multiple sessions. For most people, as with a new diet or a new physical fitness workout, doing just one session isn’t likely to have a noticeable impact, but over time the real impact occurs. For this reason, we recommend a package of sessions or a rental option to enable you to experience the full benefits of cumulative neurofeedback training sessions.

What results and positive changes will I start to notice as a result of neurofeedback training?
Because brain training prompts the brain to optimize itself, the results are unique to each individual and the benefits are varied and numerous. Many clients report enhanced overall wellbeing, elevated mental acuity, reduced stress and mental chatter, sounder sleep, improved focus, a calmer outlook on life, increased energy, and the ability to bounce back from life’s stressors with ease, flexibility, and clarity.

Athletes often also report faster reflexes and reaction times, released mental blocks, decreased performance anxiety, improved readiness, resilience, and mental toughness, greater performance confidence, and an elevated state of peak mental fitness.

How long has NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology been around?
Neurofeedback technology was first developed over 60 years ago, in the 1960’s, but was initially only available for astronauts and Navy SEALs as a means to help them achieve peak performance in their specialty fields.

Thanks to ongoing advances in technology, NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology has made brain training accessible to us all over the past 17 years. Mind Balance has specialized in neurofeedback training for the past 7 years, bringing the benefits of brain training to individuals, athletes, and executives across the nation.

Does neurofeedback training cause any side effects?
No! Neurofeedback training is completely non-invasive and has no side effects.

Is NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback invasive?
No, neurofeedback training is non-invasive and 100% safe. Brain training does require having sensors temporarily attached to your head and ears, but is not in any way harmful and is actually very relaxing. Brain training can be easily incorporated into a routine as you can read, study, or respond to emails during sessions.

Is neurofeedback brain training approved by the FDA?
NeurOptimal ® has been designated as a General Wellness Product by the United States FDA.

Is neurofeedback training covered by insurance?
As with other general wellness products, neurofeedback is unfortunately not yet covered by insurance. This is only because it is not classified as a medical device and therefore not considered to be a medical treatment. Neurofeedback is, nonetheless, known to achieve incredible results and can be enjoyed at an affordable rate through Mind Balance.

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