Train your brain in the comfort of your own home, office, or team facility.

Renting NeurOptimal​®​ neurofeedback technology enables you to train your brain on your schedule and at your convenience. With our guidance, the advanced NeurOptimal​®​ system is very easy to use and offers the same results as enjoying a session at one of our office locations.
Home, office, or team facility rentals are an ideal way to integrate brain training into a busy schedule. NeurOptimal​®​ training is completely non-invasive and passive for the participant, so you and your team can relax, read, study, or respond to emails while enjoying neurofeedback sessions.

Why rent a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system?

Neurofeedback brain training is widely known for its incredible ability to help the brain function optimally, which in turn increases well-being and elevates performance in all aspects of life. By renting NeurOptimal​®​ technology from ​Mind Balance​ , you receive ​the most advanced, safe, and powerful brain training available​. ​

    • Lower cost per session than office visits
    • No Travel Time To And From Sessions
    • Train Your Brain On Your Own Schedule
    • Train In The Comfort Of Your Home, Office, Or Training Facility
    • Multiple People Can Train On The Same System

Our Neurofeedback rentals feature:

  • Progress Tracking Forms For Personal Use
  • Easy To Operate, Step-By-Step Guidance
  • Shipping Anywhere In The US
  • Expert Support Throughout The Rental Period

NeurOptimal​®​ Neurofeedback Rental Plans

We offer 4 neurofeedback rental plans, allowing you the flexibility to select the plan that works for your household, office, or team facility.

Individual Plan

$700 / Month

  • Up to 15 Sessions

Family Plan

$800 / Month

  • Up to 25 Sessions

Unlimited Plan

$1000 / Month

  • Unlimited Sessions

Professional Plan

$1400 / Month

  • Companies/Professionals

Still have questions about rentals? Book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss which option is best for you.

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The ​Mind Balance​ Unlimited Plan is our most popular option, as it enables multiple people to train as much as they would like throughout the month. Our Professional Plan is ideal for sports teams, corporate offices, and professional organizations catering to multiple people each month. ​Mind Balance​ specializes in customizing successful brain training programs to meet specific organizational needs. For more information about our customized solutions, please ​contact us​.

Optimal Rental Results

Over the years we have found that a minimum rental period of two to three months is recommended to achieve the best results. Many of our clients do experience noticeable improvements in their overall wellbeing, sleep, focus, and productivity within the first month, but as with beginning a new diet or workout program, optimal results come with a longer commitment.

How Our NeurOptimal® Rental Process Works

  1. If you are ready to rent, you can select "getting started" on the rental option of your choice above.
  2. Still have questions? Begin by filling out the rental inquiry form
  3. We will contact you to discuss your preferred rental dates and our neurofeedback rental availability. (Please note: we occasionally have a waitlist.)
  4. We will arrange a convenient time for pickup or delivery. If you prefer the rental to be shipped, we will notify you when the shipment is sent and provide the delivery details.
  5. Once you have the rental on hand, we will walk you through everything you need to know about operating our NeurOptimal​®​ neurofeedback technology and tracking your progress. For in-office pick up, this can be done in-person; if you are having a rental shipped to your location, one of our trained team members will schedule a phone or video call with you to walk you through the setup digitally.
  6. We will provide a link with any and all resources you will need for a successful neurofeedback rental and you can begin enjoying your brain training sessions.

What is Included With Our NeurOptimal® Rental?

NeurOptimal​®​ neurofeedback technology rentals from ​Mind Balance ​ include the latest, most advanced features and personalized support. You will receive:

  • The Full NeurOptimal​®​ Brain Training System With The Latest Neurofeedback NO3 Software
  • Conductive Paste, New EEG Sensors, And Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Virtual Support from the Mind Balance Team
  • Unlimited Tech Support From The Zen Connect tech Team

Rental shipping is $50 within the state of California and $75 to any other US state.

Interested in Renting our NeurOptimal​®​ Technology?

“Angela at Mind Balance is phenomenal! She introduced me to neurofeedback and her coaching helped me to realize all the benefits I was receiving. This changed my life! As an executive in a high stress industry, it is quite the balancing act to make time for myself. These sessions are quick and have been my saving grace! I suffered from ​trouble sleeping​ for years mainly due to stress. With the help of neurofeedback and Angela's coaching, I have been able to reduce the noise in my head and get much better quality sleep and have been able to stay asleep longer. As a result, I am healthier mentally and physically. I went through an extremely difficult and extended stressful work situation recently and continued with sessions during that time which allowed me to get through this period without getting sick or feeling overwhelmed as I would have in the past. I remained positive and hyper focused which allowed me to work very efficiently and enjoy my social life as well. I recommend this for everyone! I wish I knew about this when I was starting out in my career as well as when I was a student. Thanks Angela!”

Nancy, San Francisco