Neurofeedback Programs for Executives and Workplace Wellness

Are you zoomed out? Stressed out? 

Ready to focus on your wellbeing?

Are you looking to improve sleep quality?

Increase focus and productivity?

Feel and perform better?

2020 changed our lives as we knew it, with quarantine, working from home, schooling kids from home and more. Our changing world and increased stress means that we need to find new ways to navigate during these times. The brain is thrown off by stress which results in overwhelm, inability to focus, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and more. Now more than ever, we need wellness solutions to build resilience to stress. 

We can’t always remove the stress around us but we can change how we respond to it. 

Building brain fitness with neurofeedback technology and coaching is a new and exciting way to transform your wellbeing and performance. Because the brain is self-correcting, self-regulating, and self-rewarding, it has the capacity to change very quickly when it is given feedback about itself. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is an advanced brain training technology that helps the brain to optimize itself. Neurofeedback combined with peak performance coaching and progress tracking is a transformative experience.

80% of American workers feel stressed on the job. Lack of employee engagement and burnout is at an all-time high.

What if you could train your brain effortlessly and transform your wellbeing and leadership skills?

Our programs are not more work for you! Neurofeedback training is easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. Because the training is totally passive, you are able to even work while doing a session. Your brain picks up on feedback from the training session and optimizes itself.

Why train your brain?

Neurofeedback is the quickest and easiest way to improve wellbeing and reduce the effects of stress.

Top benefits reported by our clients include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased focus and productivity 
  • Stress resiliency
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased worry
  • Improved morale and employee engagement
  • More energy and stamina
  • Improved emotional self-regulation
  • Enhanced mental acuity

Angela at Mind Balance is phenomenal! She introduced me to neurofeedback and her coaching helped me to realize all the benefits I was receiving. This changed my life! As an executive in a high stress industry, it is quite the balancing act to make time for myself. These sessions are quick and have been my saving grace! I suffered from insomnia for years mainly due to stress. With the help of neurofeedback and Angela’s coaching, I have been able to reduce the noise in my head and get much better quality sleep and have been able to stay asleep longer. As a result, I am healthier mentally and physically. I went through an extremely difficult and extended stressful work situation recently and continued with sessions during that time which allowed me to get through this period without getting sick or feeling overwhelmed as I would have in the past. I remained positive and hyper-focused which allowed me to work very efficiently and enjoy my social life as well. I recommend this for everyone! I wish I knew about this when I was starting out in my career as well as when I was a student.  

Meet Your Brain Training Expert

Mind Balance founder, Angela Martinucci is a human performance coach and neurofeedback expert. Her background in nutrition, wellness and biohacking allows her to share her vast knowledge with her clients. The unique combination or neurofeedback training and coaching is a great addition to an existing mental performance program or as a stand alone program. Angela has worked with professional athletes over the past decade, including the Oakland Athletics. Her passion is working with baseball and golf.

Contact Angela Directly
(510) 691-8133

Corporate Offerings

Individual leadership programs starting at $1400 per month include neurofeedback system rental or purchase and doing a deep dive with Angela on setting your goals, how neurofeedback works, how it can benefit you, and coaching along the way.

Basic Brain Reset

  • 1 Month NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Rental
  • Intake Coaching call 
  • One Private Coaching Session
  • Progress tracking
  • Remote support

Ultimate Brain Fitness Package

  • 3 month NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Rental
  • Intake Coaching Call
  • 3 Private Zoom/Phone Coaching Sessions
  • Progress Tracking 
  • Remote support

Total Transformation Package

  • NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system purchase
  • Purchase support- Angela will guide you through which system is right for you
  • Intake Coaching Call
  • NeurOptimal® System set up call
  • 6 Private Zoom/Phone Coaching Sessions
  • Progress Tracking
  • Remote support – text and phone
  • *When you purchase NeurOptimal® technology directly through us, we offer our own setup and ongoing support services.

Looking for a program for your workplace? We can help you with customized neurofeedback programs!

On-site Workplace Wellness Offerings
Assessment and Consultation
Set up of on-site neuro lounges
Programming for employees
Staff training and Program Management

Are you a San Francisco Bay Area based company looking to support your employee’s mental health while they work from home?

The Bay Area Brain Spa offers neurofeedback and other wellness tools to help you relax and restore. Send your employees for a spa day or give them a membership for regular neurofeedback sessions at the Brain Spa! Plan your team off-site with us to have a comfortable and relaxing space to partake in some team wellness activities.

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Corporate Pilot Results

In this workplace wellness pilot, we implemented our brain fitness program and tracked stress, focus, clarity of thought, decision-making, emotional self-regulation, confidence and more.

The results were unprecedented, revealing the program’s enormous potential to impact the future of workplace wellness.
Results: 55% improvement across group in only 10 sessions (6 weeks)
Individual improvements ranged from 26% to 70%