Neurofeedback For Peak Performance

Our mission is simple: To provide transformative brain training programs that unlock peak performance in all aspects of life.

To achieve our mission of supporting you and/or your team in achieving optimal brain function and peak performance, we combine cutting-edge Neurofeedback Brain Training technology with customized Peak Performance Coaching. Together our brain fitness sessions and personalized coaching programs track your performance and support you in achieving your unique goals.

State-of-the-art Brain Training Technology

Mind Balance uses NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback brain training technology—the most advanced, powerful, and effective EEG-based technology on the market. The cutting-edge technology works directly with the central nervous system to gently optimize brain function by enabling the brain to auto-correct itself, thereby unlocking true potential and peak performance.

Completely safe and non-invasive, neurofeedback brain training is a relaxing practice that can be easily incorporated into an existing routine.

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Personalized Coaching & Support

At Mind Balance , we believe true transformation is achieved by uniting the transformative power of Brain Training with Peak Performance Coaching. To offer the personalized support necessary for optimal results, we offer unique, highly customized, and unprecedented high performance programs for individuals, teams, and organizations across the US.

Founded and Managed by Angela Martinucci, Mind Balance provides a proprietary combination of neurofeedback training and personalized coaching to unlock full human potential.

Angela’s own personal story of overcoming stage 3 cancer and more than a decade of experience working alongside individuals, athletes, executives, and organizations such as the Oakland A’s to optimize brain function, sets her apart in the peak performance industry. As a NeurOptimal ® Specialist with a diverse background in Neurofeedback Technology, Nutrition, Biohacking and Peak Performance Coaching, Angela brings an unrivaled holistic approach to brain fitness and mental toughness.

Over the years, Angela has presented brain training seminars, hosted wellness retreats, and worked alongside professional sports organizations and corporations to implement effective wellness programs that meet the needs of individuals, teams, company culture, and goals.

Fully invested in her clients’ transformation, Angela and her Mind Balance team design and facilitate brain training programs that create new high-performance habits and generate unprecedented results.

Interested in what brain training can do for you and/or your team?


Train Your Brain To Improve Your Life

Mind Balance Founder, Angela Martinucci, talks to Hartman Media host, Fernando Aires, about the transformative power of neurofeedback Brain Training.


Experience The Transformation

NeurOptimal ® brain training acts as a mirror for the human brain, showing it what it needs to make its own adjustments in order to function optimally. Over time the adjustments your brain makes become your new normal state of performance—more focused, more aware, more confident, and more efficient.


Life Hacks with Neurofeedback

Founder of Mind Balance, Angela Martinucci, is interviewed on The Hacked Life about the ability of neurofeedback to positively impact your life.


The Mind Balance Sponsorship Program

Dedicated to serving the community, Angela Martinucci is a current member and former board member of Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS), a non-profit organization that offers support services to young breast cancer survivors in San Francisco.

Angela’s devotion to assisting those in need extends beyond her own personal commitments and forms an integral part of the Mind Balance programs. In addition to donating neurofeedback training sessions to individuals in need, Mind Balance offers the option to Sponsor an individual or team charity of your choice as part of any sports, wellness, or corporate brain training program. If you would like to participate in the Mind Balance Sponsorship Program, please contact us.