Bay Area Brain Spa


We are excited to announce the Bay Area Brain Spa! At 1037 Solano Ave, Albany Ca 94706 we offer in-person services.


We have partnered with Carleigh Rochon of SuperBrain Neurofeedback to provide neurofeedback and biohacking services in a community setting. Over the years of working in the biohacking space and exhibiting at health and wellness conferences, we have discovered some of the most advanced wellness technologies available. We have curated our favorite biohacking technologies for the Brain spa.

At the Bay Area Brain Spa we offer:

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback: Improve stress, anxiety, sleep, and focus! Train your brain for optimal performance.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Flush toxins and water weight, clear brain fog, boost your immune system, and increase circulation and metabolism.

Sports Recovery Compression Massage: legs tired and sore after your workout?  The Boa Max is for you!

Halotherapy (Dry Salt): Clean your respiratory system, improve lung function, and clear skin issues. Allergies?  Asthma?  Post-Covid? Lungs icky from exposure?  This is for you!

NanoVi: Reverse oxidative damage, cellular repair, expedite healing. Anti-aging to the max!

Avacen Thermotherapy: Increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and increase nutrient absorption.

Migun Acupressure Massage: Far-infrared heat increases circulation, helps with detox, stress, and pain.

Red Light Therapy: Clinically proven, powerful, immune-boosting, healing, and anti-aging tool. Feels like 20 minutes of vacation and leaves your skin glowing!

PEMF Hot Gemstone Therapy: Increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and increase nutrient absorption.

BioCharger: Charge your cells with subtle energies. Over 1,100 recipes to choose from you are certain to find something that fits your needs.
WAVi Brain Scan: WAVi is a non-invasive brain scan that gives you a baseline on how well your brain is performing.

Assess your:

  • brain reaction time
  • physical reaction time
  • brain voltage.

This is an easy way to evaluate how your brain is currently performing and track changes to its performance.

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