We are excited to announce the Bay Area Brain Spa! We have partnered with Carleigh Rochon of SuperBrain Neurofeedback to provide neurofeedback and biohacking services in a community setting. Over the years of working in the biohacking space and exhibiting at health and wellness conferences, we have discovered some of the most advanced wellness technologies available. We have curated our favorite biohacking technologies for the Brain spa.

At the Bay Area Brain Spa we offer:

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback – Effortless brain training for all brains.  Relax and listen to music for 33 minutes while your brain trains. Top benefits reported including improved sleep, decreased anxiety, improved attention and focus, improved stress resilience, and more. 

BallancerPro Lymphatic Massage – Helps with detox, weight loss, body contouring, cellulite reduction, relaxation, and athletic recovery. An FDA approved medical treatment for lymphedema.

Migun Acupressure Infrared Massage – Combines far-infrared heat, acupressure, and massage to relax the body. The jade massage heads roll up and down the spine and legs from head to toe. Infrared heat penetrates the body increasing circulation, helps with detox, stress, and pain. 

Red Light Therapy – We offer LIghtStim red light facial and a full-body red light panel for body treatments.  The benefits of red light are well known for both cosmetic and cellular repair.  

PEMF InfraMat Pro – This mat combines hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency), and Photon Light Therapy. Lay down and relax with this amazing combination.

NanoVi Repair cellular damage brought on by free radicals & oxidative stress, expediting the regeneration process.


Visit https://bayareabrainspa.com to learn more