Neurofeedback Programs for Sports Teams and Athletes

Neurofeedback Training Programs help athletes to unlock and exceed potential and improve mental performance

Are you looking for a mental performance program that is effortless?

Our neurofeedback for sports programs are easy to integrate into any athletic training program. We use cutting edge technology to optimize the mental game. Neurofeedback sessions allow the athlete an opportunity to relax and recover while building mental toughness. Neurofeedback effortlessly trains the brain for greater resilience and flexibility. Not only do our programs help with mental performance but also with recovery and increased wellbeing. 

Our athletes report in just a few weeks of our program the following benefits:

  • Increased and sustained focus
  • Enhanced function and discipline
  • Optimized sleep and recovery
  • Elevated mental acuity and clarity
  • Faster reflexes and reaction time
  • Calm, flexible, and present demeanor
  • Reduced fear and mental chatter
  • Release of mental blocks
  • Increased natural energy flow
  • Decreased performance anxiety
  • Improved readiness and resilience
  • Peak mental fitness and wellbeing
  • Greater performance confidence
  • Increased mental toughness
  • Greater access to flow state

“I have been working with Angela Martinucci of Mind Balance. I have had a great experience and I have seen some incredible results while working with Angela. The training is easy and relaxing with soothing music going in the background. A very relaxing way to start or end your day. I have noticed an improvement in sleep every night. Before the neurofeedback, I woke up multiple times throughout the night, but after just a couple of weeks of training, I was sleeping through the night consistently. I also noticed a huge difference on the baseball field. I noticed increased focus during the day as well as an ability to get into the “zone” much easier. I also have never felt happier in my life before neurofeedback. I would recommend this training to not only athletes, but anyone who wants to improve mental health, sleep, and overall happiness.”

Willie MacIver

Willie MacIver

MLB player- Colorado Rockies

How it Works

Give your team a competitive edge with neuro performance training.

Our customized brain training programs for professional sports teams combine cutting-edge neurofeedback technology with peak performance coaching. Unlike other mental toughness programs, Mind Balance offers a unique and highly effective combination of technology and player support that positively impacts both the mental game and player wellbeing.

Neurofeedback expert and founder of Mind Balance—Neuro Performance Training, Angela Martinucci, will work with you to create the right program for your team this season.

Professional athlete brain fitness programs can include:

  • Customized Neurofeedback Programs
  • Mental Performance Coaching
  • Neurofeedback for Rental or Purchase
  • Customized Results Tracking
  • On-site set up of Neuro Lounge and training
  • Remote Support & Assistance
  • Consulting on implementation of neurofeedback to existing mental performance programs

Premier Neuro Performance and Wellbeing Package for Teams

* Set up of on-site neurofeedback program
* Webinar or on-site education session
* Player intake and progress tracking 
* Training for staff on the use of neurofeedback system
* Optional player neuro performance coaching with Angela
* Consultation on programming and individual player needs
* Remote program management and assistance
Neurofeedback systems


Neuro Performance and Wellbeing Package for Individual Athletes

* Neurofeedback system 
* Intake assessment and progress tracking
* Optional neuro performance coaching with Angela
* Remote assistance and support

Give your team the winning edge.

Mind Balance Neuro can create customized neurofeedback programs for your team.


As a former MLB player and someone who works with the fine motor skills of athletes, I know the importance of remaining calm and focused during competition. I believe that NeurOptimal® training can help athletes to respond more effectively in each moment. The big bonus in working with Mind Balance is Angela’s wonderful passion and heart centered nature.

Buddy Biancalana

Buddy Biancalana

Former MLB player
Founder- Zone Motion

What our athletes are saying:

  • “The game just flows”
  • “I feel amazing!” 
  • “Better focus overall, better concentration during workouts, Letting go of stressors with ease, able to lift more weight with ease and sleep is better”
  • “Sleep is better after one session!”
  • “I loved it! I felt really calm and more patient!”
  • “ I feel good since the training. Feeling more centered, more content, my mind feels quieter”
  • “More focused and when pitching I am more self-aware and holding myself to a higher standard”
  • “ I feel calmer in certain situations and less stressed. Very relaxed after sessions. Feeling less short-tempered”
  • “I feel an increase in attention span and focus”
  • “I feel great! Sleep is so much better! I have been able to let go of self-criticism. It has really helped!”
  • “I feel like I recover quicker like I could pitch again today”
  • “Everything is smoother,  really enjoy sessions, felt really good on the field, deeper sleep, less mind chatter”
  • “A lot deeper sleep, always feeling rejuvenated, even after the first week”
  • “It helps me feel more calm”

Meet Your Brain Training Expert

Mind Balance founder, Angela Martinucci is a human performance coach and neurofeedback expert. Her background in nutrition, wellness and biohacking allows her to share her vast knowledge with her clients. The unique combination or neurofeedback training and coaching is a great addition to an existing mental performance program or as a stand alone program. Angela has worked with professional athletes over the past decade, including the Oakland Athletics. Her passion is working with baseball and golf.

Contact Angela Directly
(510) 691-8133

Are you a San Francisco Bay Area Based Athlete?

The Bay Area Brain Spa provides in-person services for athletes. The Brain Spa offers neurofeedback, NanoVi, lymphatic massage, red light therapy, and other cutting-edge biohacking technologies to build mental toughness, speed recovery time, and improve performance. 



Mind Balance Neuro implemented a Neurofeedback program with the Oakland A’s at Spring Training


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“Prior to brain training with NeurOptimal, I suffered from severe performance anxiety. As a competitive athlete, there is nothing greater than the gift of being in flow state while you are in a competition. Especially, while you are in the arena at the CrossFit Games. The clarity, confidence and flow that brain training has brought to my athleticism and everyday life is something I am forever grateful for.”

Crossfit Athlete


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