NeurOptimal ® Brain Training

Cutting-edge Neurofeedback Technology

Mind Balance proudly uses NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology—the most advanced, safe, powerful, effective, and non-invasive EEG-based technology on the market. NeurOptimal ® works directly with the central nervous system to gently optimize brain function and open up a world of life-transforming possibilities.

Why Brain Training Works

Science has shown us that the brain is malleable and can be trained to optimize itself. By detecting and monitoring cortical patterns, the brain receives the information it needs to auto-correct itself.

Brain training acts as a mirror for the brain and shows it what it needs to make its own adjustments. Over time the adjustments made become the brain’s new normal—more efficient, more effective, and high performing.

How Brain Training Works

Our technology is completely non-invasive, using sensors to monitor real time electromagnetic activity in the brain and produce audio feedback by the millisecond. This gentle audio feedback helps the brain to adapt to information that it did not previously have access to and then make better decisions about how to improve itself. The human brain inherently knows what it needs and naturally self-corrects, self-organizes, and self-rewards. Neurofeedback technology unlocks the brain’s ability to function optimally.

For those who enjoy the science and digital signal processing (DSP) behind neurofeedback technology, below are a few key features of the NeurOptimal ® training system:

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (NDS)
The human brain is the most complex dynamic system in our universe and there is nothing linear about the behavior of the brain. For this reason, NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology was designed and built from the ground up to work with a non-linear dynamical system. Unlike virtually every other technology on the market, NeurOptimal ® talks to the brain in its own language—a language it understands and responds to.

Join Time Frequency Analysis (JFTA)
NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology is the only neurofeedback technology system that utilizes moment-to-moment joint time frequency analysis. This makes it possible to monitor brain activity in real-time—at the rate of 256 samples per second—with precision and accuracy that is unprecedented in the industry.

Restorative Intervention
Regular neurofeedback training sessions teach the brain to operate more efficiently and maintain the learnings it discovers, potentially over a lifetime. This is because NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology helps the brain to make the best use of its natural resources. While other technologies require you to actively interact with the technology for it to work, NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology retrains your brain to continue to optimize itself independently.

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