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    with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

    Train your brain like you train your body, and unlock your fullest potential.

    Brain training is a non-invasive, transformative practice that delivers feedback to the brain about its own activity, helping it learn and improve performance over time.
    With continued use, you can improve resilience, creativity and focus, and feel more centered and calm across all aspects of your life. Let’s chat—we’d love to hear how we can help you achieve your wellness goals.


    “As a former MLB player and someone who works with the fine motor skills of athletes, I know the importance of remaining calm and focused during competition. I believe that NeurOptimal® training can help athletes to respond more effectively in each moment. The big bonus in working with Mind Balance is Angela’s wonderful passion and heart centered nature."
    Buddy Biancalana- Former MLB player Founder- Zone Motion


    “Prior to brain training with NeurOptimal, I suffered from severe performance anxiety. As a competitive athlete, there is nothing greater than the gift of being in flow state while you are in a competition. Especially, while you are in the arena at the CrossFit Games. The clarity, confidence and flow that brain training has brought to my athleticism and everyday life is something I am forever grateful for.”
    – CrossFit athlete

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