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Welcome! Congratulations on renting a NeurOptimal® system!

HOME RENTAL SYSTEM- Included in the home system package are:

1 NeurOptimal® Computer/Tablet, 1 Powercord (2 parts), 1 USB Cord , 1 NeurOptimal® zAmp, 1 set of Sensors (one back up set) 3 tubes of Ten20 conductive paste, earbud extender cable, earbuds.

We hope you’ll enjoy your neurofeedback training and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, or to just let us know how you are doing!

Happy Training!

Angela Martinucci
Mind Balance
P: 510-6918133
7025 Stockton Ave. El Cerrito CA, 94530

NeurOptimal® Tech support Monday-Friday 7am-7pm EST by clicking on

Please read through the guidelines below prior to your first session.

NeurOptimal® Step by Step Instructional Guide

Click here for printable page of instructions

  1. Turn the tablet on. *The power button is on the top of the tablet.
  2. Connect the tablet to the internet/Wi-Fi.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi icon on bottom taskbar.
  4. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list.
  5. Select “Connect Automatically” so it remembers your network.
  6. Enter Wi-Fi password and click “next”.
  7. When it says “Connected” you are successfully online.  
  8. Put on the sensors.
  9. Find the zAmp (large rectangular device with sensors attached).
  10. Separate the sensors for the left and ride side. The left side has 2 wires (one is blue and one is yellow); the right side has 3 wires (one blue, one yellow and one black)
  11. Hook the zAamp onto your shirt or place on a chair or couch.
  12. Connect the sensors on the right side.
  13. Squeeze open the blue clip.
  14. Squeeze paste onto both inner sides of the blue sensors, so the paste resembles an ice cream scoop.
    1. When scooping paste, put your forefinger on the back of the black part of sensor for support, preventing bending and possible sensor damage.
  15. Squeeze the clip onto the top of the right ear.
    1. Some paste should ooze out onto your ear, forming a ring.
  16. Squeeze paste onto the black sensor and gently squeeze onto the ear lobe.
    1. It is not necessary to remove earrings, just make sure the paste is not touching them.
  17. Squeeze paste onto the yellow sensor, so the paste resembles an ice cream scoop.
  18. Locate where to place the yellow sensor on your scalp.
    1. Put your thumb above your ear and your ring finger on the top of your head and place your pointer finger in between, you will feel a bump with a dip right above it. This is the ideal location. However it does not need to be exact, anywhere in the general vicinity of the halfway point between the top of the ear and the top of the head will work.
    2. There are pictures showing where to put the yellow sensor in the attached NO3 Manual.
    3. Part the hair on the side of your head, where you are going to put the sensor, to expose the scalp.
    4. You can use a hair clip if you have long hair.
  19. Apply yellow sensor near the bump in the midpoint between the top of the head and the top of the ear to your scalp. You should feel a cooling sensation from the paste signifying it is directly against your scalp
  20. Connect the sensors on the left side.
    1. Squeeze paste onto the blue clip and attach to the top of the ear.
    2. Squeeze paste onto the yellow sensor and place on the left side of the midpoint between the ear and the top of your head.
  21. Plug zAmp into USB connecting cord and the other end into USB port on right side of tablet.
  22. Launch NeurOptimal® on the tablet
    1. Tap on the NeurOptimal® icon in the task bar on the bottom of the screen (Or in the Windows start menu)
    2. Tap and hold the screen in “Client” until a window saying “Add a Client” pops up.
    3. Enter Client’s name into the Client Information box that appears
    4. Double tap on the Client name to start a session or tap and hold until a window saying “Start a new session” appears.
  23. Put in headphones.
  24. Click “Start a new session”.
  25. Relax and enjoy the music.

After the session has finished

  1. Remove each sensor. (it is helpful to gently roll the sensor off of the head to keep most of the paste attached to the sensor)
  2. Use a baby wipe or tissue to immediately clean the paste off all the sensors.
  3. Use a baby wipe or tissue to remove any remaining paste from your ears and scalp.
  4. Close out of the NeurOptimal® program by tapping the “x” at the top right of the NeurOptimal® vault, where the client names are located.
  5. Shut down the computer system by tapping the windows icon and clicking shut down.
  6. Store the computer in a safe place, preferably the carrying case provided.

Sensor Placement Video and Guide


Click for PDF Guide




  • Please BE SURE  to connect this computer to the internet/WIFI to make sure the system stays up to date with the latest software updates. NeurOptimal® can run more slowly if there are pending Windows updates. Please tap on the Windows icon on bottom left of the tablet/laptop, then tap on “update/security”, then “check for updates”. It is a good idea to check for updates frequently and allow them to update fully. Typically they come in on Tuesday evenings.

NeurOptimal® will push out any updates or fixes to the system on occasion. Please allow those updates.

  • Always store the computer in a safe place, preferably the carrying case provided. Please keep away from any potential beverages that could spill and damage the system.
  • Contact us by email at if you experience any problems with the system.
  • Please don’t eat or drink around the machine.
  • Always keep the computer plugged in while doing a session to avoid interruptions.
  • Remember to close the program after each session, by clicking on the X at the upper right corner. (Clicking the window where you see the names will close the entire program)
  • Make sure you clean your sensors gently yet thoroughly, immediately after you have finished each session. We recommend using baby wipes or swishing the silver sensors in a cup of boiling hot water to dissolve the paste. Be sure to thoroughly dry once clean. Any lingering paste can cause corrosion and will reduce the lifespan of your sensors. Sensors are $150 per set. Please try and take good care of them.
  • Do not soak the sensors in water.
  • When scooping paste, put your forefinger on the back of the black part of sensor for support, preventing bending and possible sensor damage.
  • Do not kink, braid or wind the sensor wires tightly.
  • Do not use wireless headphones as they may interfere with the signal processing needed for system to work most effectively and efficiently.
  • Yes, you can look at your phone, ipad, kindle, computer while training. If you use the iphone/ipad, just turn off the Bluetooth.
  • The NeurOptimal® Trainer does not require you to place your attention on the training screen in order to run a successful session though most people enjoy it. The feedback comes primarily through interruptions in the music/audio. If you can hear the music, then the training session will be successful. You can read, sleep, meditate, whatever you feel inclined to do as long as you can hear the music.



  1. A good hook-up: ​ NeurOptimal’s unique system picks up the voltage from 16 different sites on brain. As long as you have the sensors well stuck to the scalp (part the hair then apply the head sensors) approximately halfway between the top of the earlobe and the center part line on top of the head they will be placed correctly. It is a relatively large area so you don’t need to be exact.
  1. TRACKING SESSIONS USED (Not for Unlimited Sessions):​ Tap and hold on the tools icon on the bottom left side of the Vault window. You will see a pop up menu that you will find the number of sessions remaining under “about”. Please check the number when you receive the system and make note of it (It’s also on your contract) and then count down from that number. Please note the tracker “counts” a session after it has been running for 5 minutes.
  2. Fill out the training forms: To track your progress and those training with NeurOptimal®. 
  1. Fill these forms in before first training and then every ten sessions with a rating on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most intense/frequent). This will be the best way to track shifts that are happening with training as many are subtle and seamless. Keep in mind that certain changes might be happening that are not the goal of you renting the system. Ex. sometimes sleep optimizes before overwhelm goes away. Keep training and look out for surprises! Many people clean out their garage as a result of the brain becoming more organized.

Tracking Forms

100 Tracking Form

Progress Forms

Questions to reflect on during the training process:

  • Do you get more done with less internal battle? (“ugh, I have to go to the gym, do laundry, etc”…)
  • Have you noticed yourself being more productive at work or at home?
  • Do you do or complete things you have been putting off for a while?
  • Do you find yourself able to make decisions faster or with greater ease or clarity?
  • Looking back, has your response or reaction to a normally stressful or anxiety provoking situation changed in any way?   (If so, describe)
  • Have you noticed feeling lighter or smoother in your interactions or daily routine?
  • Do you think your leadership abilities have been affected by the overall results you are experiencing? If so, in what way?
  • Have you noticed a change in any habits or nervous behaviors (if applicable, i.e.: nail biting, tapping, etc)
  • Have you noticed any addictive behaviors such as drinking, shopping, smoking, etc. reducing?
  • Have you spent more time organizing your house or workspace?
  • Feeling more calm?
  • Are you more aware of your behavior, emotions, reactions to situations?
  • Have you noticed an increase in endurance while exercising (if applicable)?
  • Has anyone near you, a spouse, partner, friend or co-worker said to you that they have noticed a change of any type? (If so, what is it)
  • Have you noticed having more vivid dreams? If so, are they positive, neutral or nightmares?
  • Has the frequency, intensity or duration of any concerns shifted recently?
  • Are there any new life events happening?
  • Is there anything surprising going on you feel like you can’t quite pinpoint?


If you had the system shipped. Don’t throw out the box and shipping materials!

  • Please send all equipment including remaining paste using the same packaging that came with the system (unless box is damaged or dented.) You can also buy packaging at a shipping store if needed.
  • Please contact Mind Balance when you are ready to return the system at least one week in advance​.
  • Please note that shipping costs are renters’ responsibility.
  • We recommend using 3 day shipping with $3,000 insurance added.
  • The training results are cumulative. We see the most success with clients who commit to at least a 2 month rental. We have had many clients comment that the benefits really started to unfold after the 2nd month.