NeurOptimal Pro System Purchase

$500 off professional (unlimited) system purchase - USE code MB500 and contact Angela Martinucci for assistance purchasing.

NeurOptimal Rental

$150 off monthly professional (unlimited) rental

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Bay Area Brain Spa

Use code BIOCONGRESS for 30% off your first visit at the Bay Area Brain Spa

Biohacking Day Spa in Albany, CA with neurofeedback, lymphatic massage (BallancerPro), NanoVi, PEMF, Red Light Therapy and Acupressure Massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

BallancerPro Show Special

BIOHACKING CONGRESS SPECIAL $26,900 instead of $34,900
Elite Package Ballancer®Pro + free new pant upgrade NO TAX!!!!!!
HOME USE system Ballancer®Blue - with PANTS ONLY $17,900 NO TAX!!

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Angela Martinucci, Founder

NeurOptimal® representative and founder of Mind Balance, Angela Martinucci has been assisting clients with system purchases and support for more than 5 years. She became a representative because she loves traveling and educating others about NeurOptimal®.

Mind Balance is also available for consulting on the implementation of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback lounges and custom brain fitness programs for your organization.