Executives in a meeting


Executives and business professionals find that NeurOptimal® sessions help them in a myriad of ways. Team leaders use brain training to improve focus, mental acuity and manage stress effectively. Team brain training can promote better collaboration, deepened empathy, boost creative potential. Learn More


Athletes know better than anyone how important it is to be on top of their mental game. Athletes use NeurOptimal® to improve focus, confidence and decrease performance anxiety. One of the most impactful benefits of brain training is increased resiliency or being able to bounce back with ease from stressful situations. Learn More


Children who train with NeurOptimal® find improvements in academic and sports performance. Our brain training works directly with the central nervous system helping improve focus and mental acuity. Children are often able to better self-regulate and access their best self.


Artists and Musicians are perhaps already familiar with the importance of gamma brain waves, those magic and often elusive brain waves where the most creative moments occur. Training with NeurOptimal® can be helpful with increasing focus and flow.


The central nervous system is linked to every function of the body—mental, physical, and emotional. People struggling from a variety of health and wellness challenges can benefit from brain training. NeurOptimal® offers the brain information about its own activity, helping it reorganize and take steps forward in improving mental fitness. Regular training can be helpful in navigating life stressors with ease.