NeurOptimal® brain training and education at your event!

Brain training is a great addition to any retreat or conference. Whether you’re gathering for team building, athletic training, professional development, or purely health and wellness, brain training can complement your mission.

Upcoming Events
We will be at Paleo FX from April 26th-28th. Come try a NeurOptimal® session with us in the VIP Lounge!

Upcoming Retreats

Join us on The Brain Spa Retreat May 13 through 19, 2019, an immersive biohacking and wellness retreat in Punta Mita, Mexico. Spend a week with us, focused on strengthening your mind and purifying your body and soul! More Info

Speaking Engagements

Mind Balance founder, Angela Martinucci has a powerful personal story, in addition to her diverse background in Nutrition, transformational coaching, NeurOptimal® Brain Training and Biohacking which make her a great addition to any event. She loves sharing her story and inspiring others with the power of personal transformation.

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